Painted by a brilliant cascade of vibrant colors and raw emotion, Drawn To The Sky uses a form of alchemy to transmute deep, relatable feelings and experiences into the medium of music.


Fusing stylistic elements of both punk-rock and hip-hop, 24 year old artist Dustin Gill started making music in an effort to escape the realities of growing up "different" in small-town Minnesota. Generally secluded from others, Dustin developed a variety of skills & talents, most notably playing the electric guitar. Around age 17 he started to experiment with singing and writing his own songs, mainly about love/heartbreak, and his experience growing up in a separated family.


With the creation of his Instagram handle in 2017, Dustin quickly turned his long-dwelling spark into a visible flame. By releasing weekly acoustic covers, he managed to gather an audience of over ten-thousand active followers in the course of just 12 weeks. In March 2018 he released his debut EP titled "Dream Trauma." Since then, Dustin has been making music under the artist name "Drawn To The Sky," reflecting his endless ambition to reach a higher level of human consciousness and personal growth.



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         Phone: 612-701-6681

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